Dry Cleaner Bag Advertising

Dry Cleaner Bag Advertising Victory Plastic, Inc.

Dry Cleaner Bag Advertising

Reach thousands of consumers on the go with Victory's indoor / outdoor dry cleaner bag advertising. Dry Cleaner Bag Advertising is a unique way to turn the local dry cleaner into a store-front showcasing your company. Average 8 to 10 impressions per bag!


Dry Cleaner Bag Advertising connects your company with busy on the go professionals which all have the same thing in common “local consumers with money to spend”. You can control the start date & duration of your advertising campaign in any City, Zip Code or Region.


Exclusivity and Co-op packages are available. Advertise QR Codes, Barcodes, coupons, promotions, grand openings, brand recognition, new products & services.


We manufacture, print and distribute the biodegradable dry cleaner bags. Please call Victory Plastic to learn how to start your dry cleaner bag advertising campaign. Made in U.S.A.