Victory Plastic, Inc. manufactures VCI Rust Prevention Packaging that secures a protection barrier against corrosion causing elements to keep your products from rusting. Victory's Rust Prevention Packaging is very easy to use and include VCI Bags, VCI Sheeting, VCI Liners, VCI Shrink, VCI Tubing & VCI Anti-Static. 


Width: 4” up to 40' (480")

Thickness: 2 Mil to 30 Mil

Printing: 1 Color, 1 Side


Width: 4” and up

Thickness: 2 to 20 Mil

Printing: 1 Color, 1 Side


Width: 4" and up

Thickness: 2 Mil to 20 Mil

Printing: 1 Color, 1 Side


Width: 4" up to 120”

Thickness: 2 Mil to 20 Mil

Printing: 1 Color, 1 Side


Victory's VCI Shrink Packaging is available in different sizes & MIL thickness. VCI Shrink Film, VCI Shrink Tubing, VCI Shrink Bags & Gusseted VCI Shrink Bags are available. Printing is an option.


Victory's VCI Anti-Static Packaging is available in different sizes & MIL thickness. VCI Anti-Static Bags, VCI Anti-Static Sheeting, VCI Anti-Static Liners and VCI Anti-Static Poly Tubing are available.

Victory VCI protects both ferrous & non-ferrous metals from rusting and is used for short and long-term applications. Victory VCI Packaging protects & insulates metal surfaces from corrosion-causing contaminants by emitting a vapor that adheres to the surface of the metal and forming a corrosion inhibiting layer. There is no need to clean the part and it is immediately ready for use once it is removed from the VCI Packaging.  


Victory VCI Packaging meets military specifications and protects Adaptors, Ball Valves, Bearings, Brakes, Bushings, Chassis Systems, Crank Shafts, Drill Bits, Drivelines, Electrical, Engines, Fasteners, Fittings, Flanges, Frames, Gears, Hammer Lug Unions, Hose Couplings, Motors, Pipes, Pistons, Pumps, Service Parts, Steel Clamps, Swivel Ranges, Transmissions, Tubes, Valves, Guns and Ammo.  


We work with numerous industries including Automotive, Wholesale Distributors, Oil & Gas, Electronics, Metal Engineering, Transportation, Shipping Supply Companies, Aerospace and the Military.  


We offer quick lead times and custom VCI Packaging is an option to meet your industry specific standards including style, thickness and size.


Victory's VCI Packaging is manufactured with a transparent light blue tint for easy inspection of packaged parts and can be heat sealed, tied, folded, stapled or taped.  We manufacture our VCI Packaging in Texas with eco-friendly, recyclable, non-hazardous materials. Save time and cut costs during handling, shipping and storage with Victory’s VCI Rust Inhibiting Bags & Film. 



 Victory's VCI Sheeting is great for creating your own custom packaging. The VCI Sheeting can be cut to fit any size parts and can easily be used as crate liners.  VCI Sheeting can be heat sealed or if you need to open and close the packaging, the VCI Sheeting can be tied, folded, stapled or taped closed.  VCI Sheeting can be repeatedly opened or closed, ideally one time per day for inspection, removal or adding to the VCI packaging. Victory offers different custom VCI Sheeting Styles including Single Wound VCI Sheeting, Perforated VCI Sheeting, Centerfold VCI Sheeting, Lip Plastic VCI Sheeting, Double Wound VCI Sheeting, Center Slit VCI Sheeting, Gusseted Center Slit VCI Sheeting, Poly Sleeve VCI Sheeting and Anti-Static VCI Sheeting.



Victory manufactures VCI Rust Prevention Poly Bags including VCI Poly Bags on Rolls, Gusseted VCI Poly Bags, Lay Flat VCI Poly Bags, Pre-Opened VCI Auto Bags, Flat Pack VCI Bags and Anti-Static VCI Bags.



Victory VCI Rust Prevention Liners can be used as VCI Box Liners, VCI Crate Liners or VCI Bin Liners.  The VCI Liners can easily be converted into VCI Pallet Covers as well.  Anti-Static VCI Liners is also an option. VCI Liners can easily protect multiple parts at once or individual parts.



Victory's VCI Rust Prevention Poly Tubing is versatile & economical.  VCI Poly Tubing can be cut to any desired length to protect long, odd shaped or large bulky parts.  VCI Poly Tubing can easily be converted into VCI Poly Bags to eliminate buying different sizes of bags.  VCI Poly Tubing options include Lay Flat VCI Poly Tubing, Poly Sleeve VCI Tubing, Gusseted VCI Poly Tubing and Anti-Static VCI Tubing.



Victory's VCI Shrink Film, VCI Shrink Bags, VCI Shrink Tubing and VCI Shrink Pallet Bags protect and insulate small to large bulky metal parts from rusting. VCI Shrink Packaging molds to the contour of any long or odd shaped product and is very strong and puncture resistant.  Anti-Static VCI Shrink Film is an option.



Victory's VCI Anti-Static Packaging protects & insulates electronics and other applications from rusting. Victory’s VCI Anti-Static has been tested at 5% on steel using two outside laboratories and in both labs the film exhibited excellent anti-corrosion properties on steel. The Anti-Stat properties on the film were done by ASTM D257-78 at 12% relative humidity which is a more severe test than the 50% relative humidity test. Per the average decay time of 0.13 sec., the VCI film meets military test method 4045, mil. Spec B criteria. The VCI Anti-Stat film exhibited a surface resistively in ohms/sq of 10 X12 at the 12% relative humidity.

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